1. The connected video camera sends captured video to the remote Q-Balancer (QB-MESH).
2. The remote Q-Balancer splits the video stream into packets and then transmits the packets through the bonded 4G LTE links.
3. The central Q-Balancer (QB-500) receives the packets from the remote Q-Balancer, and then sends them to the connected video server after having the packets reassembled.

Benefits and Business Outcomes:
>  High-Speed WAN wherever the event is
>  Always-on connectivity
>  Greater video content delivery
>  Cost saving

Product Highlights

  • Improving WAN reliability and performance

  • Optimal application delivery

  • Increasing VPN reliability and performance

  • Augmenting MPLS reliability and performance

  • Increasing WAN scalability

  • Ensuring accessibility to internal server for external requests

  • Lowering WAN OpEx and CapEx

  • Mitigating potential security threats

  • Reliable Internet connectivity for branch offices anywhere

  • Enhancing dynamic routing capability

  • Minimizing effort for branch devices installation

  • Simplifying branch network infrastructure

  • Increasing backhaul capacity