Simplifying Branch Office Infrastructure
Enterprises are becoming increasingly distributed across the globe as the number of branch offices are growing quickly, while they still expect a seamless communication even though the offices are physically spread. Meanwhile, there is a significant change to enterprise network, which is the rapid increase of cloud-based applications and the introduction of broadband Internet connections to increase WAN connectivity. The following are some of the major challenges faced by enterprises:

  • It is a time-consuming and labor-intensive process to configure and manage network devices, including routers, at branch offices.

  • The introduction of broadband WAN increases network complexity as traditional WAN devices cannot meet this growing application.

  • Packet loss, latency, jittering, bandwidth consumption, and characteristic differences between applications are not considered by routing protocols.

> Branch Network Simplification
Q-Balancer appliance is an integrated network solution for enterprise that includes MPLS augmentation, overlay routing, VPN bonding, outbound load balancing, inbound load balancing, QoS, stateful firewall, IPSec VPN termination, DHCP, etc. With the support for popular routing protocols, it helps enterprise eliminate branch routers, and hence delivers a simplified deployment experience.

Q-Balancer reduces the reliance on expensive certified specialists as its configuration is simple and fast through the intuitive and user-friendly user interface. It also reduces the reliance on hardware appliances like routers, DHCP server, firewall, etc. With its consolidated features, Q-Balancer lowers WAN cost and complexity for branch networks.

Top Benefits

  • Reduced complexity for branch networks

  • Lowered hardware investment

  • Reduced reliance on expensive specialists