Dynamically Directing Traffic over Multiple WANs
Branch networks in a multi-office enterprise often use MPLS as a primary WAN link and additionally connect broadband link(s) as backup when needed. Q-Balancer solution eliminates this obsolete active/standby WAN configuration as the deployment might waste a great deal of bandwidth resources. 

>  Dynamic Path Selection (DPS) 
Q-Balancer has the ability to direct traffic over one path or the other depending on link conditions, algorithm, and selected paths. Its inbuilt DPS enables enterprises to highly utilize all connected bandwidth. With DPS network administrators can configure outbound policy to route different applications based on specific metrics that work best for each application. This makes better decision about how bandwidth is utilized and the paths applications should go through.


Dynamic Path Selection


DPS enables the simultaneous use of multiple WAN links and automatically fails over to the secondary connection in the event of WAN outage or brownout. It directs traffic to the optimal path or distributes traffic across the selected paths. By working conjunction with DPS, policy-based routing decides the paths for applications to take or to be load balanced.

Top Benefit

  • Optimal application delivery

  • Greater Bandwidth utilization
  • MPLS offload

  • Improved WAN availability without wasting resources

  • Fortified networks with low cost links