MPLS Augmentation and Replacement
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Better WAN Efficiency through Load Balancing
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Connectivity Augmentation | Cost Saving | Application Delivery | Network Simplification

Q-Balancer is designed to improve WAN reliability and performance for enterprise networks. With the solution in place, enterprises can take control of their networks, meet the growing demand on IT resources, and enjoy the unbreakable network connectivity.

Connectivity Augmentation
Augment Internet connectivity for enterprise networks by connecting types of WAN transports while preserving quality and bandwidth.

Cost Saving 
Leverage low-cost broadband connections and migrate non-critical or internet-bound traffic from expensive MPLS links to broadband connections.

Application Delivery
Better application delivery can be provided with its intelligent mechanism, through which the appliance can be configured to dynamically find out the best path for critical applications or effectively distribute traffic across available paths based on the characteristics of applications and status of all WAN links.

Network Simplification
Reduce reliance on 3rd party hardware appliances through integrating critical network services into the appliance, and hence help enterprises simplify their branch infrastructure.

Business Agility
Simplify configuration to enable SME or branch networks to instantly enjoy solid internet access over a variety of WAN links, including 4G LTE.