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Q-BALANCER Company is a software company that builds specialized and high-performance network appliances for enterprises. Our solutions accelerate digital economy, reduce connectivity costs, augment traditional WAN networks, and optimize delivery for next-generation applications.

> Mission
Since inception, we have been dedicating ourselves to developing innovative, high-performing, and cost-effective network solutions that maximize strength and value for enterprises. 

> Proposition

  • Enterprise-class performance and quality network solutions.
  • A broad range of cost-effective network solutions.
  • Working with channel partners to provide quality services to our customers.

> Technology
Our technology focus has always been on WAN connectivity, which covers Internet Load Balancing, Inbound Load Balancing, VPN Bonding, WAN Virtualization, Intelligent Application Steering, Multi-Path Routing, etc. More will be released in the future.

> Solutions
Q-Balancer product range is designed as a Next-Gen WAN Load Balancer to transform inexpensive broadband connections into an enterprise-grade WAN. The solution helps enterprise solve network issues such as internet outages, expensive MPLS, cloud connectivity, branch network building and managing, etc.

> Our Market
Targeted industries include enterprise, government, education, manufacturing, retail, hospitality, healthcare, media, etc.

> Deployments
Since inception the Q-Balancer devices have been successfully deployed across thousands of enterprise networks in over 20 countries through the cooperation with our channel partners.

New World Hotels
Teik Senn (M) Sdn Bhd
our-customers-Altech Telecom
our-customers-Asian Football Confederation
our-customers-China Steel Express
our-customers-CHungHwa Telecom
our-customers-DB SCHENKER
our-customers-EVA Air
our-customers-Kallam Telecom
our-customers-Telekom Malaysia
our-customers-Traders Hotel
our-customers-Taiwan Mobile
our-customers-University Kuala Lumpur
our-customers-UNI AIR
our-customers-Broadcasting Corporation of China
our-customers-Sin Chew Daily
our-customers-China Television System
our-customers-Bank of Taiwan
our-customers-South China Insurance
our-customers-Asia Pacific Telecom
our-customers- TRANSWATER
our-customers-DB Shenker
our-customers-EVA Air
our-customers-Evertrust Rehouse
our-customers-Kallam Telecom
our-customers-Naga World
our-customers-Traders Hotel
our-customers-China Steel Express
our-customers-CHungHwa Telecom
our-customers-Telekom Malaysia
our-customers-Bank of Taiwan
our-customers-South China Insurance
our-customers- Holy Stone
our-customers- Perfect Food
our-customers- IBIS Hotels
our-customers- IME