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Deployment without Modifying Your Existing Network
To deploy new network devices in an enterprise network is challenging as it might involve changes to legacy networks. Of course, it will be much easier if the installation goes without making any changes to the existing network devices.

>  Multiple Transparent Bridges


The feature of transparent bridge simplifies the installation as it enables the appliance to transparently and seamlessly work with the legacy devices such as routers or firewalls. With transparent bridge, the appliance acts as a layer 2 bridge between network devices (core switch, router, or firewall), and thus is transparent to the legacy network devices. This means that the configuration on the legacy firewall does not need to be changed for the installation. The deployment works as if the appliance were sitting transparently between the router and firewall.

In the event of, for example, power outage on the appliance, LAN Bypass will safely and automatically bypass the appliance to remain the original network connections. In transparent bridge mode, you do not need to reconfigure your network as you only need to place the appliance in the network path(s) that you plan to balance.; if you intend to take the appliance offline, you do not need to reconfigure your IP network either. Therefore, the risk is obviously reduced due to the transparent mode function. The networks of large organizations might have the requirement, where multiple bridge subnets are needed; the appliance is able to work for multiple bridge subnets with a pair of LAN bypass. 

Top Benefits
>  No need to change IP configuration on legacy network
>  Multiple bridge subnets supported
>  LAN bypass in case of power outage