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>  Overview
It is not easy to say goodbye to a trusted old friend. We understand it, and are now making it easier to let go of aging Q-Balancer hardware platforms with the Hardware Refresh Program.

The Hardware Refresh Program allows our existing customers with Q-Balancer hardware appliance to migrate to the latest hardware platforms at a reduced price, which enables our customers to benefit from the latest hardware improvements and firmware capabilities. As long as you purchase a 4-years warranty extension, you will receive the latest Q-Balancer hardware appliance.

>  How to Purchase
The purchase for the hardware refresh program can be done through our authorized resellers. You will be required to provide the information such as serial numbers and registration of the old hardware by the time of placing the order. Please note that we reserve the right to refuse an order.

All refresh units go with pre-registered details same as before. Also, customers who apply the hardware refresh program must return the old hardware appliance to Q-BALANCER Company via an authorized reseller within 30 days after the shipment of the refresh appliances; otherwise, they will be requested to pay at full list price.