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Team Network Cards Together to Logically Function Them as One
LACP (Link Aggregation Control Protocol) is a layer 2 protocol that provides functionality when aggregating one or more Ethernet interfaces to form a single logical link (link aggregation groups). The bond interface share the load among many interfaces, which gives fault tolerance and increases throughput.

>  LACP NIC Bonding

 LACP NIC Bonding

LACP combines multiple ports/links between a Q-Balancer appliance and a network switch to provide higher bandwidth throughput between the devices. LACP provides redundancy in case an interface or a link failure occurs. When one of the interfaces is down, the connection automatically fails over to the remaining active interface. When all interfaces are working fine, traffic is distributed across all interfaces to achieve higher LAN bandwidth throughput. An expensive network equipment upgrade can so be prevented as LACP increases LAN bandwidth throughput without the need to install a high-end switch. The configuration of LACP NIC Bonding Configuration.. >> 

Top Benefits
>  Increased reliability in case one of ports or links fails
>  Better use of physical resources
>  Increased bandwidth
>  Cost saving