Q-Balancer- Business Continuity Expert

As businesses are getting to rely on cloud computing, are you satisfied with the reliability, speed, quality, and cost of the Internet access you have? If you find it difficult to answer yes, we offer you a better user experience by providing our Q-Balancer Range that:

  • Increases WAN reliability and availability
  • Increases Internet bandwidth
  • Improves availability and response time for external requests to hosted servers
  • Supports VPN resiliency
  • Increases bandwidth for site-to-site network
  • Allows incrementally and flexibly adding WAN Links up to 52 links
  • Grows your distributed network flexibly
  • Reduces bandwidth cost
  • Ensures connectivity for distributed enterprises
  • Prioritizes and guarantee the minimum bandwidth to mission- critical applications
  • Improves efficiency of bandwidth utilization
  • Improves application availability with simple server load balancing
  • Prevents individual user from consuming the entire bandwidth resource
  • Prevents network continuity from hardware failure
  • Analyzes traffic usage with inbuilt ViewFlow

News and Events

Q-Balancer Seminar 2016 in Philippines

The events were respectively held in Manila and Cebu on November 22nd and 23rd, 2016. read more 

New Firmware Release

The new firmware version V0051 is ready for you. For more details, please log on to the partner area. read more