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Taipei, Taiwan – March 24, 2016-- Q-Balancer Co., Ltd., the leader of Network Load Balancing solution, was selected by Cathay Insurance to serve their customers with unbreakable online service.

To meet the rapid and massive demand in Vietnam, Cathay Insurance needed to a solution to handle its high volume of network traffic and to increase bandwidth resource by flexibly adding Internet connections on demand. Q-Balancer worked with Cathay Insurance by providing Internet resiliency, Internet load balancing, and Bandwidth Management (QoS) to assure nearly 100% Internet connectivity. As expected the Q-Balancer solution is now offering better user experience to the customers of Cathay Insurance since the day it was deployed. 

About Cathay Insurance

Cathay Insurance, established in Taiwan in 2001, is one of 500 largest companies in the world. The Headquarter of Cathay Insurance (Vietnam) Co., Ltd. is placed in the center of Ho Chi Minh city. Depending on future demand for business development, we will continue to set up branches and offices in other provinces to serve more Taiwanese and Vietnamese customers. With the philosophy of “Stability and reliability and continuing growing in business", Cathay will always maintain its brand, dedicated to providing products, professional services, creative and consistent with Vietnam, and also actively go with the social-economic development of Vietnam.

About Q-Balancer

Q-Balancer Co., Ltd. is a leading supplier of Network Load Balancer with a proven track record of delivering high performance and highly reliable network solutions. We are continuously evolving the products to provide remarkable functionality to meet customers’ requirements.

We have been dedicated to designing and developing the highly innovative and quality products since inception. Our Q-Balancer Range enables SME (Small and Medium Enterprise) to build the most efficient and reliable connection to the Internet and to achieve the most rapid ROI (return on investment).

We have helped thousands of business customers build highly-available network in strong cooperation with channel partners since inception. We are proud that our years of experience of product development and network integration make us capable of meeting the requirements for business customers. 

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